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What is Green Cleaning and What Things to Consider?

You would be surprised how many times we walk into offices of companies that are working hard to be sustainable. These businesses are innovating everything from business model to energy efficiency, yet overlook their cleaning products and procedures, which are still mainstream toxic!

Make the Most of Fall with these Easy Cleaning Tips

We love Fall!

HOW to clean your home WHEN feeling overwhelmed?

Are you feeling the pressure of the changing season?

5 Podcasts Episodes to Clean Your Cluttered Mind

Picture frames piling up. Coats collecting in the closet. Books bursting out of shelves.

We all know what clutter looks like at home. But one of the definitions of clutter on dictionary.com calls it “a state or condition of confusion.”

5 Tips Commercial Property Managers Need to Succeed

As a commercial property manager, you’re dealing with a lot of moving pieces on a daily, monthly, and annual basis.

From managing your existing tenants and vacancy rates to putting your property on the market, you need to pay special attention to the care and keeping of your property—and know its value.

Why You Should Ditch Your Kitchen Sponges — and Use These Instead

It’s a well-known fact that sponges are a breeding ground for bacteria.

The only place you can find a comparable number of bacteria is inside your intestines!

6 Brilliant Apartment Cleaning Hacks to Make Your Space Feel Bigger

You’re pressed for time with your busy schedule. Sadly, your tiny apartment has you pressed for space, too.

But the fact that you have a small living space doesn’t mean you should settle for a mediocre one.

Keeping Your Workplace Clean Will Keep It Happy

The old saying tells us not to cry over spilled milk. But what if someone else spills it, and you have to clean it up?

In an ideal world, the workplace’s cleanliness is a shared responsibility—and everyone pulls their weight. In reality, people get busy, tired, and sometimes just lazy. Stains harden, mugs pile up, and the paper towel roll remains empty, day after day.

Bored Kids? Give Them These Fun Chores-In-Disguise

Our kids aren’t always perfect little angels, but they delight and surprise us every day.

And the most delightful things are often the most unexpected. Think of that time your child organized a recital for your birthday, or when they brought home a craft made specially for you.

If only they were that eager to do household chores.

3 Easy Steps for Keeping Cables Organized

Sometimes, after a long day of multi-tasking and meetings, your brain is a tangle.

Your technological equipment doesn’t have to be.

But everyone falls into the habit of letting things pile up and get disorganized. From computer cords to stray batteries to charger cables, it’s all too common to lose track of what belongs to whom and which cord connects where.