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6 Brilliant Apartment Cleaning Hacks to Make Your Space Feel Bigger

You’re pressed for time with your busy schedule. Sadly, your tiny apartment has you pressed for space, too.

But the fact that you have a small living space doesn’t mean you should settle for a mediocre one.

How To Clean And Dry Your Carpet

Carpets can be a crucial part of any interior, and they're all over our households.

They come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and different materials, including wool, cotton, fabric, and synthetic. Whether your carpets are for decorative or practical purposes, they need special care and attention to avoid becoming nests for bacteria. This can especially be the case if the carpet isn't adequately dried after cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning: Pros, Cons and Costs

Many homeowners don’t rely on professional carpet cleaners. Some may view it as a burden, especially if they are diligent about weekly vacuuming.

Others may view it as a worthwhile expense, in an effort to keep their carpets in good condition. Here are the pros, cons, and costs of carpet cleaning in Edmonton to help clear your uncertainties.